• Customizable Health Plans for Members

  • FlashPoint FlashPoint

    FlashPoint offers a variety of options to increase employees' benefits while reducing out-of-pocket costs.


    Program to purchase the same drugs for less from certified pharmacies around the world. Cost savings around 70%. Available to any Chamber member. 


    Minimum number of employees: 1 +

    $22.34 lowest premium available. 

    BeneCare Dental Plans and the Connecticut Chamber Insurance Trust have entered into a strategic relationship to offer Chamber members and exclusive, comprehensive suite of dental plans at large group rates. Get the best of both worlds-- a wide selection of plans available to small groups at rates typically reserved for large groups. 


    BeneCare is one of the forerunners in the development of an alternative to the traditional insurance company model. Our pioneering concept created a partnership between dental practitioners and specialty dental program administrator that underwrites group dental plans. 


    • Large group discounts -- the entire CIT membership is underwritten as a single large group, a benefit that helps translate into lower monthly premiums. 
    • Exclusive plan designs -- working with CIT, BeneCare Dental Plans has created four coverage plans available exclusively to chamber members. 
    • More dollars toward patient care -- BeneCare's innovative model helps to lower administration costs, allowing more benefit dollars to be allocated to patient care. 
    • Network accessibility -- BeneCare's network adequacy criteria stresses geographic accessibility, appointment availability, and practitioner capacity, not just access points. 
    • Care optimization program -- helps maximize benefit dollars and improve outcomes by helping to ensure that treatment is necessary, appropriate, and complete. 
    • Client services team with dental background -- onshore call center staffed with individuals with experience in dentistry helps ensure first-contact resolutions. 
  • Small Businesses 2+ employees Small Businesses 2+ employees

    HRA -- employees can choose what % they contribute. Employees have the flexibility to choose what products they want to buy. 

    Prodigy Wellness Plan -- which includes the SMRP and voluntary benefit options. Prodigy is the 3rd party administrator for the plan selected and utilizes FICA tax money to keep costs down. 

  • Medium Businesses 8 + employees Medium Businesses 8 + employees

    MEC -- Medium Essential Plan: most basic coverage included employers may add on other desired benefits. 

  • Large Businesses 20+ employees Large Businesses 20+ employees

    Level-Funding -- insured self-funded plans. Companies receive 100% of unused claims back as a credit to reduce future premiums. 

    Capture Programs -- company is included in a pool of participants through CT Chambers reducing the premium costs. 30-40% of premium kept within the company for claim use reducing cash spent. 

  • Add-Ons Add-Ons

    Wellness Plans -- 2+ employees 

    Increases productivity and reduces sick days. 

    Helpsy -- virtual nurse

    The Helpsy program is the world's first Virtual Whole-Health Nurse for symptom management and navigation.

    Including the Helpsy Program will;

    • Provide access to a virtual nurse (AI) that will assist in reviewing healthcare plan to determine the best ways to manage chronic illness, medications and appointments. This also includes COVID-19 support.
    • Provide 24/7 monitoring and symptom management in over 75 languages. 
    • Analyze data and generate reports, ease communication and encourage educational recourses. 

    Combined Insurance

    Consider voluntary benefits through Combined Insurance. Combine can provide consultative need-based analysis of current benefits for employees to create a customized solution which will include:

    • Accident Insurance -- helps offset unexpected medical expenses, such as deductibles and co-payments that can result from a fracture, dislocation or other accidental injury. 
      • Provides a cash benefit to cover unexpected or everyday expenses such as out-of-pocket medical costs relating to an accidental injury.
    • Disability Insurance -- Paycheck protection should you have a disability and not be able to earn a paycheck. Our Disability Insurance covers you whether you get hurt on the job or off the job!
      • Provides a benefit if employees can't work due to accident or sickness. 
      • Helps replace lost income
    • Critical Illness -- Compliments major medical coverage by providing cash benefits you can use to help offset the direct costs related to critical illness, like heart attack or stroke etc. 
      • Pays a lump sum benefit for heart attack, cancer, stroke, and more. 
      • Allows employees to focus on their recovery with financial peace of mind. 
    • Life Insurance -- Enables you to tailor coverage for your individual needs and helps provide financial security for your family members. 
      • Provides cash to your employee's family when they need it most.


    Integrate the use of a Human Resource program through Think HR. Think HR manages people risks by controlling the following:

    • Validates compliance and administers COBRA, workman's comp, unemployment and 150 more areas of HR tasks. 
    • Increases the employees' knowledge of the employer's plans and policies.