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    About Us

    Michel Maquillage Beauty Studio NYC LLC is NYC themed makeup and portrait studio based in Simsbury Connecticut. My wife and I have over 30 years of combined luxury professional experience and decided to create the space for all human beings to enjoy. We aim to give the community a save haven, a stress release, and an uplifting moment of peace when they come to receive services. We think about victims of domestic violence, moms with special needs children or multiple children, and seniors who feel over looked as we plan our studio design. Additionally, we are giving a safe haven and meeting place for transgender and queer people who may face difficulty in finding one. We've listened to the community and know this will be the answer.
    With my wall space, I plan to contact local crafters and artisans who might be interested in retail space to showcase their work. We want entrepreneurs, young and old, to be discovered and celebrated where they otherwise would have to vend at pop up events to do so. By you backing us on this project, you are ultimately backing the community at large and it will be greatly received.