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    Charles Carter, Managing Partner and Founder of Tardigrade Solutions, established Tardigrade Solutions to provide visionary insight and services for forward-thinking Principals, C-suite and Founders to help them understand the value of embracing a growth-oriented mindset and implement adaptability practices to scale and transform their organizations and stand out in a complex, competitive, rapidly evolving world. For over twenty years, Charles has provided global leadership, business process transformation, and data design services to some of the world's largest and most complex organizations with an emphasis on pioneering industry-first innovation and creative discovery of process re-engineering. Early on, he earned a reputation as a trusted C-suite collaborator, thought-leader, and innovative thinker by consistently demonstrating business and technical expertise as he diagnosed and redesigned systems and processes, and executed and delivered on-scale solutions. His ability to “go deep and wide,” coupled with a boundless capacity for listening, and synthesizing, and integrating information, enables him to serve startups and large institutions alike, who seek innovative and high adaptability solutions in a complex, globally diverse, deadline-driven environment.